I am a development practitioner and communication specialist focused on knowledge prototype designs that contribute to community transformation. My research and professional career is building around the Communication for Development (C4D) paradigm which focuses on the application of communication skills to report on development processes and results. With almost ten years of experience in the domains of action research, evidence building, skills training and policy advocacy; I facilitate community mobilisation, stakeholder and policy engagement, packaging and disseminating knowledge products across different various information users and networks.

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My expertise also hinges on qualitative research with specialist focus on need-finding analysis and impact evaluation. I directly interface, immerse and engage rural communities and other development stakeholders in key areas such as livelihoods diversity, value chain development, resilience building, agro-food systems and markets.

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Specifically, through the qualitative research and analyses of the economic impacts of social protection and cash transfer programmes in Sub Saharan Africa, I have led the Ruzivo Trust team in data collection, entry, analysis and writing in collaboration with Oxford Policy Management, American Institute of Research and the Protection to Production programme of the FAO. My roles involved leading the qualitative components of the baseline and supervising field activities. I have gained experience in the conceptual and practical processes involved in impact evaluations as well as informing policy interventions and implementation of social programmes such as the Social Cash Transfer (SCT) programme. In 2016, I led in the design and implementation of the qualitative analysis of the Zimbabwe ‘Cash-first’ Humanitarian Response (2015-2017) led by UNU-Merit with Ruzivo Trust as the local evaluation partner. Recently, I contributed to the peer review of the OPM-led evaluation of the same programme in 2017


Beyond the SCTs, I have led and participated in research teams on Value Chain Development and Analysis of Fresh Produce Chains, agro-based markets, natural resources management and livelihoods diversity. Some of the work is documented here


I enjoy photography, and nurturing my skills to capture the diversity of human life,rich culture of indigenous Zimbabweans, regional and international communities and daily processes shaping development and well-being in society. Images tell profound stories of courage, resilience, determination, growth, pain, empowerment, providing a platform for free expression in a raw and authentic manner.



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